Applying for biological samples from the CBK

Any researcher who wishes to file a request to the CBK for a biological sample should fill in an application form, enclosing a technical report on the research project for which the samples are required, as well as any relevant data on the evaluation of its viability (Ethics Committee approval, human and financial resources, infrastructure, etc.).

The CBK Ethics and Scientific Committees will proceed to evaluate the appropriateness of donating the biological sample requested and will issue a report. If the decision is favourable, the sample will be sent to the applicant, after the principal investigator has undertaken to comply with the conditions established by current legislation in Data Protection Act and Act 14/2007 on Biomedical Research. The commitment refers to the proper use of samples, given that this constitutes scarce research material with high scientific value and to the confidentiality of the associated information or any that may stem from its study.

The samples request may be sent as follows:

- Via web, by clicking on the link that enables you to access the CBK bioinformatic platform
- By post, after filling in the adjoined documents.

Acuerdo de cesión de muestras_Investigación.pdf

Acuerdo de cesión de muestras_Fines asistenciales.pdf

Formulario de Solicitud de Muestras_Investigación.pdf

Formulario de Solicitud de Muestras_Fines asistenciales.pdf